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Holiday Special Offer

I am offering a massive discount on my coaching from now until either January 1st 2024 or until I have 5 people that have claimed this offer.

Text Coaching for the remainder of 2023 through January 31st 2025 for just $2000!!

That equals out to about $150 a month - almost 100 dollars savings a month. My normal discount is $650 if paid up front for a year. You will be getting between $1000-$1500 savings on this pending on when you sign up! The earlier you sign up the more the savings!

You MUST pay the entire amount up front to get the savings!

To Inquire about a spot:

Contact me via TEXT at +1 (407) 801-0110
or Whatsapp text me at +1 (689) 500-9964

I will also be offering $25 off your first month of coaching if you'd rather not do the whole year right now. Should you decide in December or before January 1st 2024 to go ahead and sign up for the year I will apply the first months payment to the discount and allow you to pay the rest at that point to lock in the year!

What To Expect In A Year?

Well in short... a whole new you with a whole new understanding of life and manifesting. We will work on all aspects of your life and have you changing your whole world around. We will dive into your concepts about every chapter of life. Relationships, Career and your spiritual side as well. We'll figure out how you got to where you are, and how to get you to where you want to go! I intentionally price myself more affordably because I know this is a lifestyle not a magic trick that works often over night - at least not with lasting success. That's why I prefer to be there for you every step of the way, day by day.

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Hi I'm John

I help people transform their life via transforming their self through conscious manifesting

I personally believe that our thoughts are creating the reality around us and what we experience in our life. I didn't just read a book and decide I knew everything about manifesting and spirituality. I use a lot of my own personal experience as my basis for teaching others how to consciously manifest a better life.

This may sound like some scripted bullshit sap story, but truly I was extremely unhappy with life back in 2017/2018. I was absolutely at my lowest and really didn't care if I opened my eyes the next morning.

That is not my life anymore! No my life is NOT perfect now. I still have bad days! However, my life has dramatically improved since I started practicing Law of Assumption and so I teach it to others to help them change their life for the better as well.

What Is Manifestation?

Manifesting is a very spiritual belief. Like I said above it's the belief that our thoughts create our reality. It truly sounds like some fantasy world out there but before you write it off, hear me out. You don't have to buy anything from me or sign up with coaching to learn to do this stuff. The truth is you've been doing this your entire life just unconsciously.

Ever had a gut feeling of something happening and then it did? Good or bad? Yeah me too. That's manifesting.

All this is, is learning that your external world is a mirror of your internal world and changing the inner conversations, the things you imagine happening (good or bad) to be inline with what you want to experience instead of what you're afraid of experiencing.

What is Manifesting Not?

A total substitute for medical help. Be it physical health or mental health.

That said it can be quite a beneficial tool in your well being.

Why doesn't it replace these things? Well, you have to understand you have a lot of years of beliefs and assumptions about the world you live in that keep your reality running coherently. You're gonna have things happen at times as we ALL do and sometimes you're gonna need "help". It's nothing to be ashamed of or anything. It's part of this human game experience.

It Is NOT an end to all your problems and bad days.

For the same reason above. You have a lot of beliefs around the world. For example, you likely won't ever hold the belief that EVERY SINGLE PERSON you ever interact with is going to be a total delight. You believe assholes exist and you might encounter them. This can be true in a grocery store, in traffic, or other places.