Welcome To SpiritualityU

Hi I'm John

I help people transform their life via conscious manifestation.

I do this by identifying the stories and truths people hold about themselves and the world that they take for granted as an absolute fact. Once we figure out the old story, I help you stay on track with the new story, keep you accountable for your thoughts and the role you're playing in your own life.

Why do I teach manifestation?

Well, I used manifestation to change my life and who I am as a person. I used to really struggle with anger issues, due to bad beliefs I held about myself that would get reflected back to me.  Eventually I saw enough correlation between my thoughts and beliefs and my life experiences to mentally commit changing how I saw myself and the world. Once I did this, I got a different life experience and I want to help others do the same.

I didn't just jump on the band wagon when manifesting become a popular topic on social media. I have been consciously practicing this for about 7 years now. Most of how I teach is from a combination of my own life experiences with manifesting and through Neville Goddard's teachings. I didn't know about Neville when I first started learning about this, but when I did discover him, most of what I was reading was confirmation of stuff I'd been figuring out already. That said, his books are incredibly valuable and I recommend them to everyone!

Picture of Manifestation Coach John smiling at his happy place, Universal Studios

How Do I Work With You?

Head over to my coaching page. You will notice there isn't a buy now or schedule button. That is intentional as I am not trying to get people who are desperate and thinking they can throw a little money at their problem and get a quick fix.

I want people to fully understand they are investing in a process of changing their self and it may take time. I don't want people who are bouncing from idea to idea to fix their life, but people who are ready to actively work on themselves and make a commitment to their growth.

If you're unwilling to read the information on the coaching page, you will absolutely be wasting your time and money working with me. If you're gonna commit to it however, make no mistake, you're going to be on your way to living a much happier, much better life.

What Is Manifestation?

Manifesting is spiritual belief. Like I said above it's the belief that our thoughts create our reality. It truly sounds like some fantasy world but before you write it off, hear me out. You don't have to buy anything from me or sign up with coaching to learn this stuff. The truth is you've been doing this your entire life just unconsciously.

Ever had a gut feeling of something happening and then it did? Good or bad? Yeah me too. That's manifesting.

All this is, is learning that your external world is a mirror of your internal world and changing the inner conversations, the things you imagine happening (good or bad) to be inline with what you want to experience instead of what you're afraid of experiencing.

What is Manifesting Not?

A total substitute for medical help. Be it physical health or mental health.

That said it can be quite a beneficial tool in your well being.

Why doesn't it replace these things? Well, you have to understand you have a lot of years of beliefs and assumptions about the world you live in that keep your reality running coherently. You're gonna have things happen at times as we ALL do and sometimes you're gonna need "help". It's nothing to be ashamed of or anything. It's part of this human experience.

It Is NOT an end to all your problems and bad days.

For the same reason above. You have a lot of beliefs around the world. For example, you likely won't ever hold the belief that EVERY SINGLE PERSON you ever interact with is going to be a total delight. You believe assholes exist and you might encounter them. This can be true in a grocery store, in traffic, or other places. We literally have millions of concepts and some of them just aren't going to be worth the effort trying to change them. Sometimes it is easier to work within your current belief system than to try and re-write it all.