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Easter And Manifestation – A New Perspective

Easter is critical to Manifestation - as is the Bible

The Bible, Easter and Manifestation actually go together very well and let me explain to you why. Now I don't claim to be Christian or religious at this point, that said, I will say my manifestation and spiritual journey has given me a new appreciation for The Bible.

The Bible is often thought of and taught by church as history, but Neville Goddard said it was meant to be a psychological drama to explain consciousness and the power of the mind. Let me explain a few quick phrases here in the way Neville interprets them in the Bible.

  • Christ - Imagination/Human Consciousness
  • The Father/Lord - Subconscious Mind
  • Sin - To Miss The Mark Of Your Desire/Misuse your Imagination for something you do not desire. 

So let's dive into the story of Easter and how to interpret it from a manifestation standpoint.

Easter Story And Interpretation

So the general Story is Jesus is Crucified, killed and then put in a tomb. Then three days later he is resurrected.

Now the idea that someone comes back to life in a physical body is something none of us really see as real. Yet we're told this happened. If you change how you look at Easter from a physical event, to an entirely mental event, it makes more sense.

You lay your old story to rest and let it die. You create a new story in your mind. Think of the tomb as your skull, you then saturate your mind as this is the only story. This is the truth about me and what I experience in my life now. You then reject any of your old story in your physical world and lock yourself up in your mind (tomb). If you persist in the new story it will then resurrect in front of your eyes in your physical world.

Easter Happens Often

If you think about Easter in that context of being simply a change of your own consciousness and state, it happens quite often!

This is something that even if you're a non believer in manifestation, still is active in your life. If you look back in your life you can see it as true.

Think of a time when you got really fed up with a situation, a friendship, a job or something. You made a conscious choice to stop playing the role you were playing there. You either left or something eventually occurred seemingly outside of your control that made change happen to the situation. Prior to any of those things happening in the 3D (Physical world) you had some sort of imaginal activity of it changing in some way. Perhaps it was an internal argument, perhaps you just imagined leaving or life without the situation. The event in the physical world followed the ever so vague or subtle imaginary act brought on by you wishing to experience something different.

Your internal focus was not on the problem or the past. It was solely in the state of "something has to change". You then imagined being in a situation that implied the problem had resolved.

Let's use an example of being at a job you do not like.

On one hand, you may just simply complain about work and how much you despise the place. You say you want to find something better, but you put absolutely no effort or thought into it changing. You complain daily about how awful work is, how much you want to quit, but your focus is predominantly on it's awful and I can't get away from it. You're actively imagining more of the same crap you cannot stand.

Alternatively you despise your place of work and some coworkers. While you complain you also routinely imagine what it would be like to work somewhere else and like your coworkers. A place you feel appreciated for your work. You imagine a manager praising you, a customer giving a compliment or something. You don't do it horribly often, but every time work pisses you off, you rant then you imagine being somewhere else. You're actively imagining your next job, at least for a time being.

It may take some time in the later example for the new job to come to pass, but, it eventually will through some series of events. Perhaps you actually get laid off which seems like a bad thing, but it is part of the bridge of incidents to the new job you've been imagining because you weren't going to willingly leave.

Turn Your Situation Around With Your Own Easter

If you are in any kind of situation and you wish it to be different than it is. The solution is much simpler than you may think.

It is to simply have your own Easter.

As Neville says, die to your old self. No not in a self harm kind of way. The old story you have created about what ever your situation is, stop telling it to yourself. Stop complaining about it to friends, stop reacting to it and stop embodying the person who has that problem.

Instead, withdraw your entire awareness from it and put your attention on a scene in your mind where life is how you wish it would be. Think from that state and feel it to be real. You can change the situation you're in simply through imagining it how you wish it to be. Allow your mind to entertain no other option and it must manifest eventually.

The whole thing of Jesus dying for your sins. Your sin is the misuse of your imagination. Jesus being your imagination. So that's what it means by die to your old self. Put your old imaginal acts to rest and you will stop manifesting them into your world. You will in their place, manifest the new acts if you persist in them. Perhaps it will take more than 3 days, but turn totally away from your sin, your old story and you will create a new one.

You Are The Cause And Effect

The main realization from all of this is that you and you alone are the cause and effect of your entire life.

Your sin is the misuse of your imagination. Now I know it can be easy to think "I never thought about or imagined being in the situation I am now!" You may not have imagined the specific set of circumstances. You may have simply imagined and held a concept of bad things happening to you, paired with the idea that catastrophic things happen. If you routinely live in fear of your life being turned upside down or something of that nature, it can manifest in a variety of ways.

One of my personal favorite ways to explain it is the concept of "Bad Things Happen To Me" is that can manifest in many ways. A small list of bad things I can think of:

  • A Bird Shitting On You
  • Losing Your Job
  • Stubbing Your Toe
  • Being hit by a Car
  • Your House Catching Fire and burning down entirely

As you see the scale of severity is quite wide.  You may not have thought the specific bad thing that happens, but just had a fear you'd be the person experiencing distress of some sort.

Self Concept Is Key

You do not need to be afraid of every thought you have. Often times when people discover manifestation is a thing they can get terrified of their own thinking. I sure did. Understand that not every thought manifests. Everything you experience is a manifestation however. Your Self Concept, aka your idea of you and how your world works is important and you should be mindful of how you speak and think of yourself.

Do you see yourself as clumsy and having bad luck? Do you also notice you regularly get hurt or have unfortunate things happen? That's a self concept and you're manifesting those things to happen through that belief of you. If you want to change your world, you must first change your inner world and what you believe to be true of you. Attempting to change the outer world without changing your inner dialogue and beliefs won't last long. You are always manifesting experiences to validate who you believe you are and what you believe to be true of you.


Coaching Available

If you are struggling to bring your manifestation into your physical world and would like help, I do offer coaching. I strongly recommend my Texting Package as it allows the most in-depth help into figuring out exactly what is going on and where you might be going wrong. We dive into your whole story, identify patterns in your life and start coming up with a new story, with custom affirmations, daily help and motivation with navigating your current circumstance and getting you to that end result you're wanting.

I am not one of the coaches that tells you it will happen in a specific time frame, but I will say the degree you commit to the new story and the speed it manifests, the faster it seems to come in. That said, your focus should not be on time but on you and your internal world. You will not fail if you truly evaluate where you're at with your story and what your mental diet is through the day.

Coaching is absolutely not required to manifest anything, I have many followers who simply follow my free teachings and change their life dramatically. There is absolutely no Shame however in getting coaching either. I have done it myself before because I realized I was not seeing something in myself! So don't hesitate to reach out!

Much love and catch y'all here soon! Happy Easter!

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