Individual Single Coaching Sessions

Pick Up Call Sessions

($60/HR for text coaching clients)

1 Hour long coaching sessions.
We dive into your dominant beliefs and what your current situation is.
We will look for patterns in your life from childhood on.
We do this to see what subconscious things you are believing are true
about yourself and taking as absolute fact when they do not have to be.

This option is recommended for folks who are already confident in manifestation.
If you're still wondering if manifesting is even really a thing
you will get a lot more value from the texting plan. 


Availability is currently limited. 




Monthly Text Coaching

Text Coaching

$250 per month

Discounted rates for long term coaching if paid up front:

$675 for 3 months ($75 Savings!)
$1275 for 6 months ($225 Savings!)
$2350 for 1 year ($650 Savings!)

Coaching Via Text Message (or E-mail)

Unlimited Text Messages Each Month.

Response time is generally within a few hours. You will ALWAYS have
replies within 24 hours. Rarely will you wait anywhere near 24 hours.

$20 off call sessions while enrolled in texting plan!

This option is your best value if you are still learning about manifestation.
We will work on any and all things you want to manifest for your life.
You are not limited on how many things we work on.
I am here to help you transform your life.

Contact And Payment Options

To set up a call please TEXT me at +1 (407) 801-0110
or Whatsapp text me at +1 (689) 500-9964

I take Cashapp, Venmo and Paypal.

You are REQUIRED to have a copy of Neville Goddard The Complete Reader to do coaching with me.
You can purchase it after you begin coaching but know it is expected you will. I will give you chapters to read as we go along

What To Expect In Coaching with John?

First off I teach Manifestation.

What this means is I believe our thoughts create our reality. Quite literally.

I try my best to cut through the gimmicks and cut straight to the chase of what is creating situations you're in and how to create better situations for you in the near future.

I try to make sure it feels like you're talking to a good friend. I am not at all a judgmental person. I love empowering others and watching them get their confidence back and begin to create a life they love.

While I do believe in some of the spiritual stuff still at this point, I believe the spiritual awakening process is a potential process of the consciousness awakening to your own creation abilities for your reality.

I try to steer people away from different rabbit holes in the spiritual community such as Twin Flames, Tarot Readings, Psychics, Crystals and more. Not that they aren't fun, but the reason they have any validity is your belief in them.

I try to turn that belief back at you so you can see your own limitless ability instead of waiting on some stupid ass star alignment for a portal day to start living your dream life.

I look forward to getting to know you, work with you and help you take control of your life in a way you may not ever felt possible!

FAQS For Coaching:

How Long Will My Manifestation Take?I honestly have no idea. I see people get success quickly and others take a while. Everyone is different. While Manifesting is powerful and life changing - it's not always something that happens instantly. As cliche and cop-out of an answer this sounds, your focus on how long it's taking will not work to your benefit for this. You manifest what you are conscious of being. If every day you are consciously thinking you don't have your manifestation, you will continue to manifest the absence of it. This is arguably the most frustrating part about manifestation as there's not a hard set promise on how long and truthfully any coach telling you they can get it for you in a set time is lying to you.

How Often Do You Reply To Messages? - As often as I possibly can honestly. You will always get replies within 24 hours but that is rare that you will go that long. Normally you will get replies within a few hours. I will communicate with you if I am busy for the day and when to expect replies. I encourage you to talk to me like a friend and just shoot the shit in addition to asking questions. This is because I can get to learn you easier and sometimes you'll say things that you don't know you need to say. Through this some of your dominant assumptions you take for granted will come out when you don't even realize they're there.

Do You Guarantee I Will Get My Manifestation? - Short Answer No. Before I lose you hear me out. You have to change YOU and do the work to get your manifestation. If you refuse to change your thinking and control the shit running through your mind - you will manifest more of what you already are getting because that's what you're manifesting from your current thinking.  If you actually change your dominant thinking and commit to your new story then YES you will end up with your manifestation. Sometimes it takes longer than you want but it will come in if you stay consistent to it.

Do You Do Refunds? - There are only two times I will give refunds: When we have not started the monthly coaching or a call has not yet begun in very rare circumstances where I am unable to complete coaching with you due to my own issues will a refund be given.  Once we start coaching we move pretty fast with a lot of information that becomes tailored specifically to you and your story you've given me. Once that occurs you have started getting into a lot of the 'work' and help that comes beyond my free videos.

Do I have to be perfect with my thinking to manifest? Absolutely not. It is quite common for folks to have doubt along the way to their manifestation. The key though is to minimize those doubtful thoughts and flood your mind with your manifestation fulfilled. Not just here and there and then thinking stuff that is the complete opposite of your manifestation all day long after.


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