What Is Spirituality U?

SpiritualityU is an idea coming to life, focusing on helping every day people, who are feeling lost, confused, questioning the universe and the spiritual side of life, find different perspectives so they can navigate their spiritual journey, to their own personal truth.

There’s a lot of people on the planet right now that are questioning the world around them. They are finding their selves noticing patterns in their life, coincidences that don’t seem like coincidences any longer, they believe they are seeing ‘signs’ meant for them, but may be feeling crazy for thinking that. If you’re one of those people… I’m here to tell you you’re not crazy and you’re in the right place.

The Spirit world is both subtle and not so subtle when you really pay attention to it. It’s always trying to get our attention. If you’re willing to open your mind – it will reveal itself to you.

The goal of SpiritualityU is not to get you to think the way I think, but to give you different perspectives, to broaden your consciousness and let you decide what is best for you.

As this vision grows and blossoms into what the Universe wants it to be, I trust that many seeds will be planted by this project and those who it’s meant for will find their way to me and my message at the right time for their life. As is the experience I’ve had during my spiritual journey.

The messages I needed, the people I needed to connect with, everything fell into place beautifully at the most beautiful time possible. This has been an ongoing thing for me, even before I knew it was a thing and I’m certain it will last far beyond this lifetime as well. I truly believe we are all lovingly supported by the Universe, unconditionally.

Who Is John?

Hi. I’m John Wetz, the creator of SpiritualityU. I created SpiritualityU as I felt called to share my story with the world.

No I don’t believe I’m anyone special, I have no idea how many people will actually resonate with what I am sharing, but I’ve found a few have from conversations I’ve had the last few years. I figure if I can help someone out there, it’s worth doing this.

Why do I believe my story might help anyone or that I’m worth listening to at all?

Well, to put it simple, I’m a happy person. I feel happy. I didn’t always. I’ve managed to go from a point in my life where I was seriously considering suicide as my only option to end the unhappiness I was experiencing, to being genuinely excited about life and all it has to offer me.

Picture of John near a water way

I truly was quite far gone, researching how to do it in a way that would let my body be useful to those who wanted to live. To go from that broken of a place back in 2017, to feeling like I can handle anything that life throws at me – no matter how unpleasant (not giving an invitation here Universe), digging my way out of a life I didn’t like at all and creating one that all the pain was worth to get to, without using any kind of medication or drugs of any kind, but by diving into my spiritual side, changing how I thought, taking steps as I could and felt inspired to. I think there’s something in my story that might be able to help others change their life story from one of sadness and tragedy, to a comeback story they’ll want to share as well.

I do not and will not ever claim to have all the answers… or really any answers for sure. All I have to offer is my perspective and my experiences.

Excited to see what this all becomes. Glad to have ya here with me on this journey if you decide to come along.

Love you – even if I don’t know you.